About Us

Mygbox.tv is a website made by MyGbox Team to assist you in renewing your Gbox Subscription. Our aim is to provide a high quality multilingual 24 hour service. While we are currently only able to answer in English, French and German other languages are being provided soon.

Instructions to Renew your Subscription:

If your Gbox receiver's subscription has expired and you got a message on your TV screen, this website gives you the option to instantly buy 1 year update using your credit card (VISA and Mastercard)

How to buy a subscription:

•             In order to buy an update for your subscription, you need to register first.

•             Fill the "Sign up & Update" form in the website and then press ‘ Register & Pay’ button. Please make sure your information is correct otherwise we might not be able to successfully process your transaction or communicate in case of troubleshooting.

•             Make sure that you have the correct Serial Number of your Gbox receiver; otherwise the system will NOT accept your registration. Gbox S/N can be found on the bottom of your receiver or in the settings menu.

•             After a successful registration, your Serial Number will be assigned in your account and you will be asked to fill your credit card details (payments are processed by our bank institution and for security we DO NOT keep your card details). Please make sure that you fill in all the necessary fields correctly and then submit. Multiple wrong entries might block you from the system. If this occurs please send an email to info@mygbox.tv explaining the situation.

•             After the payment is confirmed, your subscription will be instantly renewed for 1 year and your Gbox will unblock within 1 hour.  We advise you restart your box after one hour, however in cases where were your box is outdated or old software needs updating it can take up to 24 hours.

 If 24 hours pass and after multiple restarts the Gbox remains locked please send an email to info@mygbox.tv with the following details:

  • Email used
  • Serial Number
  • Payment Order
  • Exact Model of your device/box

We commit to solve any such issues within 72 hours.

To check the status of your subscription, you can login anytime in to your account and you will be able to view the expiry date of your Gbox subscription in your dashboard. You will also have the option to renew it anytime in future.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our system is limited to 1 Gbox serial per account. If you have more than 1 Gbox to update, you will need multiple registrations with multiple and different  emails.



Q. My Gbox has not unlocked following payment

A. Please restart and wait for one hour if it has not unlocked please restart again. If the Gbox does not unlock after 24 hours please send an email  to info@mygbox.tv with the following details:

•             Email used

•             Serial Number

•             Payment Order

•             Exact Model of your device/box

Please have in mind that if your system is running on very old software and has not been updated in more than one year you might need to send us an email so that we send you a software update fix.

Q. I want to renew mybox but do not have a credit card.

A. Please send an email to info@mygbox.tv and we shall provide alternative payment methods.


Q. I want to renew but do not want to pay for 12 months.

A. Continually check as we expect in the next month to offer shorter subscription periods at different rates.


Q. Is it safe to pay?  

A. We accept Maestro, Visa, Mastercard and we process all transactions with the highest safety standards and procedures to avoid any possible problems for our customers when paying. No credit card information is saved on our system for your protection.


Q. I have tried to pay but my payment gets an error code.

A. Please check that you have provided all the correct information on the form. If that is not the problem then please check with your bank and inform them that you would like to make an international payment. Some banks do not allow international payments to be made from their cards without permission. If your bank is informed they will probably let you make the payment.

If this is not the case please email us at info@mygbox.tv explaining the problem and we will try to find a solution for you and reply as soon as possible. In your email please remember to include the following information :

o             Email used

o             Serial Number

o             Payment Order

o             ERROR CODE